I bought this as a donor bike for my B33 project.  All the way from the Isle of Anglesey.  The guy who had restored it probably never intended it to run.  There were no gaskets used and most of the bolts were only finger tight.  All credit to the fellow, he'd not skimped and most bits were new.  This was just too pretty to cut up.  I took the bike and got it registered, then fitted a new clutch and a new dynamo.  I even took it back home to see what was left of the BSA works.  I think that may have upset it.

    On March 29th, 2009, I took the B31 over to the Wistanstow show, and there I sold it to a fellow we keep meeting whilst out riding.  I still see Jon, and he's still riding my "old" B31.  I'm glad the bike has gone to someone who both enjoys and uses it.