BSA A7 Shooting Star

Down at the Lock pub, at the end of the Mile Flat.  I had hair in those days.

    Let's see.  I bought this bike from Carol Moon's brother, Dave, back in about 1982.  I ran it for a while, but whilst on a BSA owners club camping weekend something rather nasty happened.

The end of a camping weekend - the Swan, at Salford - a BSAOC event.

    Oh dear, the right hand piston gave way.  Not to be daunted, I obtained another engine ( or at least I think that's what I did, 'cos I don't remember rebuilding it ) and promptly fitted a sidecar.  The main reason for fitting the sidecar was that I had somehow acquired a rather large dog.  Once again this dates the picture before March, 1984.

Ajay sitting in his chair, all set for more fun and frolics.

    I continued to run the A7 outfit for a while, then a 600cc side valve M21 engine turned up, and the A7 mutated into the M21 . . . . but that's another story.