Seen on the field behind the flats at Meadow Avenue.

    Good grief !   Did I really ride that ?        The answer is "Yes, I did".    Bought for 65 following a chance conversation in the Manchester Stores pub.  The all alloy competition engine ended up being converted to coil ignition and sporting a belt drive car alternator.  The petrol tank seen above was off a Gilera moped, but looked just the right shape.  The bike ended up being stolen from outside a house on Yew Tree estate, luckily I got it back within the hour.  As far as I know, most of this machine is still in the loft of "Fossil" - or his parents loft to be more precise, Fossil having joined the RAF.

Who is that Badass Bro ?    -   What a pillock.

    Here we are heading back home from the Lake District.  Note how the vibration has caused the left hand running light to rotate.

Same bike, same field .. . . . but with added dog.

This dates the photograph before March 1984, seeing as that's when "Ajay" the dog died.

Named after the bike of course.